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The Downton Abbey Wedding Curse

Atticus & Rose marry
Atticus & Rose marry, but will it be happily ever after? (ITV)

It was a challenging two screen night again this week as Downton and The Academy Awards competed for our attention. No Downton cast members up for awards this week, but perhaps one day there will be a Downton movie of the like of Gosford Park. On a side note I was gratified that the only premier screening Lord D and I caught Toronto Film Festival this year was Still Alice. Julianne Moore was as striking as she was passionate about Alzheimer’s in her opening remarks at the Gala.

In this week’s episode the Crawleys spent most of their time in London. Not much “food name” dropping, although we do see Daisy finishing the wedding cake. A whirlwind of events (the parents of the Groom entertaining, how odd) during the week, Mrs. Patmore suggests she could whip up some soup for a buffet for guests staying at Downton House. So this week’s dish is Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Oil. A simple, yet elegant soup to serve to the most discerning guest on a moment’s notice.

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Edith’s Wedding on Downton Abbey Goes Down like Titanic Food

Another Wedding at Downton
More fruitcake on hand for another wedding at Downton (ITV)

Another Downton Day in America.  This week’s episode S3E3 (E1 & E2 were shown on Masterpiece last week) of Downton Abbey led us on an emotional roller coaster.  First it was happy days for fans as Edith’s wedding was sure to be more fun than Mary’s and perhaps we would actually see a wedding reception this time around.  Meanwhile, Downton was in ruin and the Crawleys were sent off searching for a new home.  In the end, the tables are turned:  wedding goes down in flames, while Daisy saves the day  by remembering that Lavinia had given her a letter to post explaining to her father that Matthew belonged to Mary and not her. I am still not quite sure how or why one would write a letter like that, or how Reggie managed to have amassed a fortune while Lavinia went under cover for Sir Richard to clear a huge debt that he held over her father.  Regardless, Matthew can now claim the fortune to help save the day.

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Downton Days Return to America: Bring on the Deviled Eggs

Mary's Wedding Cake
The Wedding Cake

Welcome back Downton. After a long wait fans across the US and Canada were finally rewarded with Masterpiece’s presentation Sunday night of not one, but 2 episodes of Season 3. It was like having two pieces of wedding cake at Mary and Matthew’s reception: they finally made it to the altar!

It was disappointing that we were never treated to the experience of the wedding reception, and if you blinked you missed a shot of the wedding cake which barely made it into frame. Luckily I am able to provide a photo of this gorgeous cake which certainly suits the exquisite taste of Lady Mary. Fruitcake was the traditional choice for weddings in that period. We made a great traditional fruitcake which is great to serve at weddings and other special occasions.

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