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3 Best Reasons to Switch from Sugar to Stevia Today

Many health-conscious people looking for sugar alternatives have already made the switch to Stevia due to its health benefits and the fact that it’s not chemically processed like many artificial sweeteners. While the herb comes from the lettuce family and marigolds that are native to Paraguay rainforests, it is now grown worldwide. And although the sweetener has bloomed in popularity today, it’s been around for more than 1,000 years as a staple among the Paraguay natives.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should make the switch from sugar to Stevia. Adopting a healthy lifestyle involves making better food choices and changes that lead to a healthier you. And getting ready for the wellness journey starts with educating yourself on the benefits of your sugar alternatives.

Check out these three best reasons for switching from sugar to Stevia today.

No Side Effects

Studies conducted on the safety of using Stevia extract have concluded that it is free of side effects. The Stevia plant can also be grown in your home garden and can be utilized in numerous ways. Further studies indicated that Stevia may reduce the impact of diabetes and when used as a supplement, Stevia leaves may protect the kidneys. Studies also indicate that Stevia is safe for pregnant women to consume. 

Additional studies indicated that sugar alcohols when added to Stevia may produce some gastrointestinal issues, but Stevia itself does not cause side effects. Indeed, the Stevia leaf extract and Stevia in its purest form has been determined to be the safest sugar alternative, unlike other artificial sweeteners that have been linked to cancer.

A Little Goes A Long Way

Less is best when it comes to cooking with Stevia and you’ll love the zero calories that you’re getting. Enjoy sweet treats using Stevia ingredients instead of sugar and don’t worry about feeling cheated. Twenty-four packets of Stevia equals one cup of sugar! You’ll also feel healthier when you consider that Stevia has a glycemic index of zero. No more blood sugar or insulin spikes. 

Be sure to check your recipes for Stevia conversions before getting ready to bake that holiday cake. With no calories and a glycemic index of zero, stevia provides sweetness to baked goods without the negative aspects of refined sugar. The amount of Stevia will depend on the product’s stevia-to-sugar ratio.

It’s A Healthy Option Vs. Sugar

Stevia’s sweet-tasting flavor occurs naturally making this an attractive characteristic for people wanting naturally-sourced foods or sugar alternatives. The zero-calorie count and low glycemic index qualify Stevia as a healthy sugar substitute for those living with diabetes or people seeking weight loss. 

Consider these ways that Stevia is a healthier option than sugar.

Choosing Better Sugar Alternatives for a Healthier You

When considering the switch to Stevia, you’ll want to educate yourself on exactly why you should make the switch. Indeed, healthy lifestyles begin with researching your best options and then setting your plan into action. Consult with your physician and consider the aforementioned reasons why Stevia is the better option for helping you on the path to wellness!

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