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Cooking Classes as a Creative Date Idea

When you hit a certain age, some things that used to be fun and exciting become pointless and boring. Clubbing after the age of 50? Only if they keep the music down and everything ends by 9 PM. It happens even to hard-core party beasts…

Priorities change.

But most people who like casual relationships while they’re younger, keep such dates high on their priority list into their golden age. And many who have spent their best years married to the wrong person don’t want to give serious dating a chance again.

This gets us to the point of this article…

How to keep getting dates after the age of 50…

One-word answer – food.

A bit more?


Cooking Makes Getting Dates Simpler at Any Age

Priorities change as we age. In the process, some people start to feel alone because they feel like there’s no one around who shares their interests. And that’s rarely true, people usually lack the courage to put themselves out there and try to find someone. The common reason for that is fear of rejection or underestimating themselves.

“Oh, I’m 45. Look at my body, nothing like when I was 24!”

Of course! We can’t be 24 forever, but those who dare to try can have fun like they’re 24 forever, at least when it comes to date. Cooking is almost like an agreed ice-breaking topic for most older people on a mature hookup site where not being 24 is an advantage, even for men. Reading profile descriptions on the site makes it clear that they use food as a chat topic. Even when they meet on a video call, they may mention some dish or comment on the weather before they start flirting in front of a camera.

Cooking Courses – New, Fun, and Different

Many mature couples use food as a creative date idea. Taking a cooking class with someone you’re having dates with can be so fulfilling. You can look at each other, prepare food and give each other tiny bites. Looking at how other students flirt with your partner, you’re sure that you’re the one to take them home.

And the best part is that there are more cooking classes than ever. Some of them are online, so those who live in areas where no one teaches cooking can combine a cooking class with the comfort of their home. That makes dates even more spicy and reduces the preparation time drastically.

You Cook and Eat Real Food

Yet those who eat healthy can usually last longer in the oven and bake more than those who stick to junk food. Not only does homemade food taste better (when done right) than take-out, but it’s also better for health.

So when in doubt, take a class and learn how to make a homemade banana pudding. It’s a lot better than eating out. And a lot more affordable in every way. Fewer doctor’s visits, fewer calories, more nutrients, more fun, more memories.

The Feeling of Getting it Done Together Has Great Aftertaste

Sometimes one person in a couple is a good chef while the other can’t fry an egg. For them, cooking classes may not be an ideal date activity. It may be better to reduce the skill difference before they try to make a meal together. Otherwise, it may lead to frustration (depending on their personalities and approach to life).

But couples that are on a similar level when it comes to any skill should try to work on it together as long as they both have an interest in it. Cooking is one of the best skills to learn with a partner because it creates memories and strengthens the bond by giving a couple their “We made it!” moment.

Even if a couple breaks up after the cooking class, which isn’t unusual for those seeking dates, the feeling of accomplishment leaves a beautiful aftertaste. And, they both learn how to make a new dish they can use to impress their next partner.

So every couple that dares to take a cooking class together will certainly have a story to tell. But if that story turns out to be hot, passionate, and tasty or it burns to charcoal will depend on them alone. That’s why it’s always better to list your REAL interests in your dating profile description.

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