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Game Plan for Hosting a 1st Class Titanic Tribute Dinner

Sinking of Titanic

Sinking of Titanic

Invitation done, Next…

April 14th is approaching fast for those planning to host or attend a Titanic tribute dinner.  Titanoraks (Titanic fans) pay homage annually of the famous sinking of the unsinkable passenger liner off the Canadian coast.

Tribute dinners are based on the printed menus for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class (steerage), which survived the disaster.

The luxury liner boasted an impressive pantry which fed both passengers and crew: 60 tons of meat and fish products; 50 tons of fruits and vegetables; 5 tons of cereals and 40,000 eggs.

If you are planning to host your own 1st class Titanic dinner, you likely have already sent out your invitations.  The one pictured here was created by my talented foodie friend Eva for her friend’s Titanic event. Of the many factors to consider (dress, decor, music, dishes, servers) you should have planned your menu, but might be feeling a little overwhelmed about how to actually cook everything.

Mrs. Patmore, the Gordon Ramsay of Downton

If you need help with your dinner, or perhaps just wonder how Mrs. Patmore manages to produce an elegant multi-course meal on every episode of Downton Abbey, you may be interested in a suggested game plan to get a sense of how it all comes together.  Even with a plan you may be able to better appreciate  how chef tempers’ may flair.

I was inspired by The Last Dinner on Titanic whose pages not only include menus, but provides a handy Make-Ahead Chart as a guideline to approach a meal of this size. In my adapted version below, I have included hot links to the recipes on my site.

General Advice

Countdown: 3 Days before your Dinner

Countdown:  2 Days Before your Dinner

Countdown:  1 Day Before your Dinner

Game Day:  the Morning

Game Day:  Afternoon

During the Dinner

This is where it pays to have a sous-chef or two in the kitchen doing the work while you entertain your guests. Someone to help with dishes would also be very useful.
First Course
Second Course
  • Heat and serve soups.
Third Course
  • Poached Salmon:  make the moussiline sauce up to 15 minutes before serving and bring cooked fish to room temperature if serving cold.
  • Parmentier potatoes:  prepare potatoes.
Fourth Course
  • Filets Mignons Lili:  reheat and finish sauce and reheat potatoes.  finish cooking filets.
  • Chicken Lyonnaise: heat dish over medium heat until heated through and chicken is no longer pink in the centre.
  • Vegetable Marrow Farci: reheat in 350 F oven if you wish to serve warm.  Slice into serving sizes.
Fifth Course
Sixth Course
Seventh Course:  this is a good course to cut if you want to simplify your menu
Eighth Course
Ninth Course: you may also wish to skip this course
  • Serve Foie Gras and celery.
  • Plate the sweets
  • Place Ice Cream in refrigerator to soften
Tenth Course
  • Serve the sweets
  • Serve the Ice Cream
Eleventh Course
  • Arrange cheese on a board
  • Have guests help themselves to a fruit plate.
After Dinner
  • Prepare coffee and liqueurs

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