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10 Reasons Why you Will Love Downton Abbey

Welcome to Downton Abbey (photo ITV)

Downton, (not Downtown) Abbey, is a British produced period drama. Perhaps you have heard a bit about the story line, the quotes (“what is a weekend?”), the critical acclaim, as well as the awards it has won. You might have heard that PBS carried it on Masterpiece Theare–that sounds about right–and some fuss this past weekend with a grand finale: a Christmas episode…in February, that’s odd. If you are like me, you hate jumping into show mid stream–or worse–when it is all over. So you may have not been convinced that this was a show to invest your time on.

Well its not too late for you to watch Downton anytine you want as you can find it on Amazon Prime.

Top 10 Reasons You Will Love Downton Abbey

  1. It’s free–unlike other shows, you can find it in reruns on public TV or basic cable.
  2. Beautiful to watch–Season 1 cost £1 million/episode to produce.
  3. Downton is a lovely home on a huge piece of land.
  4. You don’t have to live in England to enjoy tea and crumpets.
  5. High brow humour–Maggie Smith, as the Dowager, has the best lines on TV.
  6. British is Better–it is not an American show.
  7. The Crawleys are part American.
  8. Honor & decency reigns–indiscretions have consequences.
  9. There is no singing–OK, there is 1 song, but it only comes later in Season 2.
  10. An upscale alternative to Coronation Street, but we still love Corrie anyway.

Getting up to Speed: What you need to know

Host your own viewing parties

I remember the days when I would seek out friends who had premium cable so I could keep up with shows like The Sopranos. Yes, I admit that I would bribe my way in with baked ziti.

So you may gather like-minded friends at the home of whoever has the largest TV, or you could take turns hosting a party with period-appropriate food.

A few things to keep in mind:

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