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Neeps, Tatties & Haggis: Celebrating the Immortal Memory of Robbie Burns each Jan. 25

Robbie Burns night is a Scottish celebration held on January 25th which commemorates the life and poetry of Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns. It’s a night filled with Scottish culture, food, and festivities. So let’s dive into some tasty recipes to celebrate this special occasion!

To start, we have to talk haggis. This savory pudding is the centerpiece of any Robbie Burns dinner. Made with sheep’s pluck (internal organs) mixed with oatmeal, onions, and spices, it’s then traditionally boiled in a sheep’s stomach. While it may not sound appetizing, it’s full of rich, hearty flavor when properly made. Serve your haggis with “neeps and tatties” – mashed rutabaga and potatoes. The earthy sweetness of the neeps and creamy potatoes pairs perfectly with the spiced meat.

Cock-a-leekie soup is another Scottish favorite, ideal for chilly January nights. This hearty chicken soup is filled with leeks, potatoes, carrots, and prunes. The leeks and prunes give it a sweet depth that balances the savory chicken broth. Top with fresh parsley before serving. For an authentic touch, cook the whole chicken in the broth then remove the meat from the bone before adding your vegetables.

You can’t forget cranachan for dessert – this creamy Scottish trifle is made with whipped cream, honey, fresh raspberries, and toasted oats. Layer the ingredients in a glass for a beautiful presentation. The mixture of sweet cream and tart berries is heavenly. For some crunch, add toasted almonds. This dessert is a lovely way to end your Robbie Burns dinner on a sweet note.

To accompany your Scottish feast, whiskey cocktails are a must. Try a “Bobby Burns” made with scotch, vermouth, and Benedictine liqueur. Or mix up some delicious “Atholl Broses” – a blend of whiskey, honey, cream, and oatmeal brose. Just don’t forget to recite some poetry and give a toast to the ploughman poet before imbibing!

There are so many ways to celebrate Scottish culture and cuisine for Robbie Burns night. Host a dinner party and invite friends to dress in tartan, listen to bagpipe music, and of course eat, drink and be merry! From the Scottish bard’s famous poems to the iconic food and drink, it’s a lively night remembering Scotland’s most legendary wordsmith. Slàinte mhath! (That’s Gaelic for “good health!”)

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