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Downton Cookbook – Abbey Cooks Entertain


2nd Edition is now Available!

2nd Edition is now Available!

Written by a Downton Abbey fan, this is a cookbook for all of those cooks who wish to bring a touch of English tradition to their own Abbey.  Check out the national press coverage the book and my passion for cooking has attracted. Inspired by the fine cuisine served at the fictional Downton Abbey and other grand English country houses at the turn of the century, this book combines food, history and healthy eating. Great food has a history. Imagine food from a historical perspective; from an era where food held special meaning, denoting wealth and influence. Dine on dishes from the Titanic and remember the lives affected by the tragedy. Imagine entertaining guests in your own Abbey with a little more class and elegance.

about the book

  • A staggering 220+ recipes, with beautiful full-color photos.
  • Imperial and Metric Measurements: so you don’t have to do the math!
  • Entertain Fellow Fans: Recipes for brunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, and dinner upstairs and down, or just sitting down to watch Downton.
  • Garden Party Basics: host a traditional garden party with a host of Edwardian classics.
  • Celebrate English holidays with recipes throughout the year.
  • Basic Recipes:  lots of basic recipes to help stock your larder.
  • Famous Downton Dishes: recipes for all the famous dishes from Season 1 – 5

Electronic Version  $14.95

Computerimage PDF Version

If you don’t have a mobile device this version is for you. Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a file format readable by most devices, including handheld e-readers, PDAs, and computers.

PRINTING:  The most efficient way to reach the millions of fans across 200+ countries is offer an electronic version.  You can print out recipes from this version, and I have included lots of links to navigate you between recipes.
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Kindle (.mobi)

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Print Version now available from Amazon

Booksatoffice The good news is that the 2nd Edition is finally available on Amazon.

The full book is 450 pages and contains famous Downton recipes from Seasons 1-5.

The book has all the same full color images and recipes as the ebook version. 

Cost for the book is $55.


The Original E-Version is Still Available for Download: $5.00

PDF Version

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Kindle (.mobi)

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Nook, Kobo, iBooks & Other E-Readers (ePub)

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10 thoughts on “Downton Cookbook – Abbey Cooks Entertain”

  1. Do you have any physical copies of your cook book or only e-versions? I am interested in giving your book as a gift to my guests at my Downton Abbey season 3 finale party.

    • To clarify, I am curious if you have paper versions available yet.

    • What a lovely idea. Currently I only offer electronic copies as printing a 432 page full color book is pretty pricy. Besides, It has taken me years to cull my cookbook collection (along with my CDs) so I have recipes electronically, saving me hours of trying to locate a specific recipe. You could purchase enough copies as you need and email the download code to your friends…very much like how you would gift music. The PDF version looks just like a book, you don’t need an ereader and can be printed.

      • Thank you for your speedy reply. I certainly understand your reasons for not printing yet! I love the idea of sending the coupon code via email! That will certainly work! Best of luck to you and wishing you much success on your book!

  2. Which would be better for me to purchase, ePub or PDF? I will use the cookbook on my iPad (IOS6) and open it in iBooks? I don’t want to make a mistake!

  3. I am definitely looking forward to the hardbound signed version.

  4. Leslie Limmer said:

    I don’t own an eReader, and so would need to buy the PDF version. But my PC doesn’t have a whole lot of memory. Can you tell me how large your book is, in megabytes?

  5. I also am definitely looking forward to the hardbound signed version.!! I am older and used to the physical touch and feel of book…please look into releasing a printed, signed edition.

  6. I’d love to have a paper version as well. I’m more into real books than electric copies but I understand it’s really expensive to print. If one day you decide to print some, I’ll make sure to buy one ;)
    I’ll try some of the recipes which are on your website before buying the PDF. I’ve never tried to cook this kind of recipe, only easy one. Anyway, thanks for the efforts about these recipes, much appreciated :)

  7. latterlifemidwife said:

    You might look into self-publishing as orders come in. I would love a hard copy, too! Have a look at