Downton Recipes Index

2nd Edition is now Available!
2nd Edition is now Available!

I trust you will find this index helpful in your search for the perfect Downton dish to serve to fellow Downton fans for tea or cocktails. Recipes by meal are listed and I have also provide links to my online guides. You can own many of these recipes– and many more — in my book, [easyazon-link asin=”B00S32OKUI” locale=”us”]Abbey Cooks Entertain: 220 recipes inspired by Downton Abbey, Seasons 1 – 5[/easyazon-link]

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen all episodes, you may wish to quickly scroll down to the bottom to collect the recipe.

Famous Downton Dishes

The salty meringue pudding
The famous raspberry meringue pudding (ITV)

Hosting Guides

Canada AM
Throw a Downton tea party…on national TV (click to view video clip)


almond macaroons

Creating a special romantic meal can be as simple as making everything heart shaped, including sandwiches.


Main Courses:  keep it light

Sweets for the Sweet


Breakfast at Downton
S1E1 Breakfast at Downton (ITV)

Afternoon Tea

Taking tea outside
—always time for tea (Carnival Films)

Afternoon tea trays have three levels containing the three S’s: scones, sandwiches and sweets:


  • Abbey Cooks Magic Scone Recipe
    • Variations for plain, sweet or savoury scones:
    • Plain
      • Buttermilk
      • Cream
      • Whole wheat
    • Sweet
      • Chocolate
      • Glazed
      • Dried Fruit
      • Fresh/Frozen Berries
      • Wholewheat and date
    • Savoury Scones
      • Cheese and Chive
      • Fresh Herb

MIDDLE:  Sandwiches/Savouries




Garden Party

Covered dining at Downton garden party
Covered dining at Downton garden party (ITV)

Think of garden parties of the Downton era as “tea outside”.  You can make any of the tea recipes and cakes from other sections of this index for your garden party.  In addition you will delight your guests with cold meats and salads, and ices (ice creams).

Elegant Dining with the Crawleys

Dining for Edwardians was serious business
Dining was Serious Business (Carnival Films)

Downstairs in the Servants Hall

Food downstairs was substantial to help fuel the staff (ITV)




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