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Summer is The Time for Fools, A Downton Favorite

Summer blooms at Highclere

It never ceases to amaze me how Spring weather transitions into Summer in a matter of days.  Even more sad though is how quickly time passes in Summer months.  Granted we are annually tortured for about of month of hot then cold weather in the Spring, making wardrobe decisions very challenging.  But then one day it arrives in your part of the world.  Sadly, this week my parents had snow in Calgary while we enjoyed 80+ heat, but their time will come soon. I hope so, the family fishing trip up to Alaska is coming up quick, followed by booth duty at the  Calgary Stampede’s Horse Haven.  Plus I am almost finished transitioning my wardrobe and focusing on my golf game.

When it’s hot outside the last thing we want to do is heat up our kitchens.  Time to simplify our cooking methods.  Desserts should be easy and refreshing and it is no wonder that we keep coming back to time honored traditions.  I have yet another rhubarb recipe to share this week, rhubarb fool, a traditional British favorite.

Enjoy your summer and I will pop in from time to time to update you with new recipes.  In the meantime, there are around 200 recipes in the Recipe Index to keep you company.

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Ease into Summer with Grilled Salmon & Boozy Rhubarb Sauce

Time to kick back and relax
Even Mr. Bates takes time to kick back and relax

Now that the US, UK and Canada have enjoyed long weekends this month (and other countries in hot pursuit) we can all in the mood for taking it a little easier at work and enjoying life outdoors. Less time looking for missing files, more time searching for gardening tools.  Your accounting skills now are put to use calculating your golf index and how much food to buy per person for the camping trip. Organizational talents range from BBQ grill management to pulling together details for your neighborhood street party.  Forecasting is all about looking up at the clouds. And then there is freezer inventory.

Our annual family”Fishing Like A Crawley” fishing trip is a month away.  We still have salmon and a bit of ling cod left in our freezer from last year (thanks to vacuum packing) so we have been gifting to friends and colleagues what we can’t eat ourselves.  In keeping with my rhubarb series, today we are making Grilled Salmon with Sherry Rhubarb Sauce using rhubarb in a main course dish, in a wonderful boozy sherry sauce.

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Tea Tuesday: Think Pink with Classic Downton Rhubarb Summer Cocktails

Think Pink afternoon tea at the Flemings Mayfair 

“Better get outside, there’s only two more days of summer.”  That is my mantra every August to help encourage myself and my co-workers to get outside at lunch because soon it will be too cold to sit outside in the sun.  Soon the days will get shorter, cooler and all the fresh locally grown produce will gone for the year.  Whether you grow your own, visit your  local farmers market, or enjoy cheaper prices at your grocery this time of year, do enjoy fresh produce now like the grasshopper.  However, be sure to make time to store the excess in your freezer and pantry to store for winter like the clever little ant in the Aesop Fable.

As you may know, Tea Tuesday is a weekly tradition I started, celebrating the era of “Downton Abbey”, the popular TV show, featuring a new “Downton” era recipe.  Refer to my Online Guide to Afternoon Tea, helpful in understanding the traditions and dishes served at tea.

Today we drink! Edwardians love the refreshing tart taste of rhubarb and not only cooked, they incorporated it into cocktails.  Yes, you can have alcohol at your afternoon tea, but these drinks are grand at your garden party.  We prepare rhubarb syrup to make a couple of Downton drinks, such as pink shocker and rhubarb bellini.

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A Grand Edwardian Feast and Rhubarb Pie

Life IS Downton Abbey; your home is your castle.

The passing of time is constant, but you can certainly pack quite a great deal into a short time span as what we learned this past week. On Monday I shared our “Life IS Downton Abbey” story about closing up the family “Edwardian retreat“, which is being passed to a lovely couple who are excited to build their own memories there. Continue reading A Grand Edwardian Feast and Rhubarb Pie